Mosquitoes have been around for millions of years. They are adaptable and resilient, and unfortunately, they aren’t going anywhere. The global range of mosquitoes excludes only parts of interior Greenland and Antarctica, and as we all know, it definitely includes Arkansas. Nuisance factor notwithstanding, mosquitoes are a potentially serious health risk, carrying such diseases as the West Nile virus, yellow fever and malaria. Hard, freezing winters can help reduce their numbers, but as we all know, Arkansas hasn’t experienced many prolonged freezes the last few winters. Fortunately, you can take steps to lessen their impact. And, of course, Legacy’s organic yard treatment will do just that. But here are three easy steps you can take yourself: Avoid shallow, standing water around your home. Literally, this is where they breed. After a rain, survey your yard and eliminate any standing water left behind in buckets, flower pots, etc. And it’s always a good idea to dump and replenish the water in bird baths on a weekly basis. Keep in check any dense vegetation and shrubbery around your house and yard. Lush gardens are beautiful and can add value to a yard, but dense bush is an attraction for mosquitoes and other pests. Keep those bushes trimmed: Garden, yes; jungle, no. Wear bug spray. Sometimes, the choice is simple: Wear the spray or wear the bugs. 

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